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Bud Light

Miller Lite

Coors Lite

Blue Moon

Michelob Ultra

Yuengling Lager

Yuengling Lite


Angry Orchard


Dos Equis

Stone IPA

Rivertown Pumpkin Ale



Bud Light

Bud Platinum

Bud Black Crown

Bud Select

Bud Lite Lime

Coors Lite

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

New Belgium Ranger IPA

Miller Lite

Dos Equis

Dos Equis Amber

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale


Michelob Light

Michelob Ultra

Yuengling Lager

Yuengling Light

Yuengling Black & Tan


Killian's Irish Red



Redd's Apple Ale

Smirnoff Coolers
Ice, Triple Black, Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Grape, Green Apple,

Twisted Tea

Redd's Strawberry Ale

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Angry Orchard

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Try a delicious glass of our bottled wines!

Refreshing White Wines
Enjoy a refreshing chilled glass of our delicious White Wines.

Houge Riesling
At that level of ripeness, the wine develops its trademark tangerine/apricot flavor. Zesty aromas of orange, lemon-lime and peach are followed by flavors of tangerine, apricot and a trace of mineral. The Hogue Cellars has developed a style of late harvest Riesling that is crisp yet moderately sweet.

FlipFlop Pinot Grigio
A light-bodied, refreshing Pinot Grigio with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a zesty, clean finish.

La Terre Chardonnay
La Terre Chardonnay is a joy to enjoy with it's smoky notes weaving through its Macintosh apple, honeysuckle and vanilla flavors, and a round finish that lingers nicely, this Chardonnay is subtle in style but eye catching in its flavor!

La Terre White Zinfandel
La Terre White Zinfandel is a light, crisp, slightly sweet white wine. Well-balanced with a slight raspberry favor and a light smooth finish.

FlipFlop White Moscato
Light-bodied Moscato with floral aromas, semi-sweet palate, and a soft, lingering finish.

Savory Red Wines
Do you enjoy a nice glass of dry Red Wine with your meal? We have some delightful options for you to try!

Woodbridge Merlot
Woodbridge Merlot displays rich aromas of cherry and dark chocolate, with enticing flavors of cocoa and lightly toasted oak. This full-bodied wine possesses well-balanced acidity and beautifully integrated tannins, creating complexity and structure.

Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon
Aromas of juicy plums marry with notes of herb and rich cedar in our elegant Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep flavors of blackberry and tobacco give this wine excellent balance, with oak aging adding a toasty, caramelized quality.

Black Stone Pinot Noir
Black Stone Pinot Noir shows bright flavors of black cherry and raspberry with notes of vanilla and nutmeg.

Specialty Drinks
Alley21's Top 8 drinks that are proven to quench and satisfy!

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum,
Pineapple juice, Orange Juice, Grenadine

Georgia Peach
Malibu Coconut Rum, Peach, Ginger Ale

Sweet Tart
Cherry Vodka, Apple Pucker, Cranberry juice, Sour Mix

Purple Hooter
Grape Vodka, Razzmatazz, Cranberry juice, Sour mix

Tequila, Melon Liquor, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine

Yellow Submarine
Whipped Vodka, Banana liquor, Orange juice

Fruit Loop
3Olives Loopy Vodka, Sprite and Cranberry Juice

Caribbean Surfer
Malibu Coconut Rum, Banana Liquor, Pineapple juice

Raspberry Vodka, Melon Liquor,
Peach Schnapps, Malibu Rum

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